JP Goats has two lines of goat genetics at present. The primary focus is Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. With ND goats, we emphasize: 1) breed standards 2) good mothering skills 3) great milking and 4) polled. Our primary application is production of quality milking stock balanced with good human-goat interaction. We are also actively seeking 4H and FFA youth partners who wish to pursue the show circuit.

A secondary breed for JP Goats is the mini-fainter, also known as myotonic, or Tennessee fainting goat. Our mini-fainters focus on: 1) robust health resulting from hybrid vigor 2) low birth weights 3) short well-proportioned 4) successful breeding bucks 5) which qualify as category 5 fainters. Our primary application is manageable meat goats for new homesteads and companion goats.

In 2022, perhaps sooner, JP Goats plans to expand into Kiko goats with emphasis on parasite-resistance and hardy survivability, independent of human intervention, well-adapted to Northeast Texas and the quad-state area. Our primary application is doe/kid operations and meat goat production, with a long-term goal of providing improved breed seed stock, better adapted to “Wet Texas” and the South Central states.